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Concert Crave Artist Spotlight Show at House of Independents



Concert Crave and Spacebar Recording brought an Artist Spotlight Showcase to House of Independents. There was 32 acts doing seven minutes each competing for some cool prizes including opening up for a headlining act.

I decided to check it out since I’m always looking for new and interesting music to cover. It was more crowded then I anticipated with the snow and brutal cold hitting the area. Each act had a hometown crowd of friends and family to root them on which was cool to see.

Make sure you check out Concert Crave and Spacebar Recording for all upcoming events



Here is the complete photo gallery from the event:




Pussy Riot at the House of Independents


Pussy Riot founded in 2011 is a feminist punk rock protest group from Moscow. One of the members Masha Alyokhina came through Asbury Park NJ to the House of Independents to tell her story. The group is known for staging unauthorized anti leadership protests in public locations. They range in age between 20 to 33 and have approx. 11 women that participate. In 2012 they staged a protest inside Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior and as a result 3 of them were arrested for “Hooliganism Motivated by Religious Hatred”, they served two years behind bars.

The event was very interesting as it showed a film about Pussy Riot’s protests and the reaction it had on the people of Russia. All of their protests resulted in members and non members being dragged away. There main focus is to change the system over from a dictatorship where they say that anything can happen to anyone with no warning or real process in place. They are very anti Putin and they make sure everyone around them knows that.


The interview was moderated by John Cameron Mitchell who coordinated the questions and conversations. There was also a translator to help the Russian speaking Maria address the crowd. A question and answer session was conducted at the end as well so the audience was able to get involved.





Where’s The Band at the House of Independents


Chris Conley (Saves the Day), Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio), Matt Pryor (The Get up Kids), Anthony Raneri (Bayside) and Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) came to the House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ for an acoustic unrehearsed show that seems to have set off some negative reviews due to an emotional breakdown by Chris. Chris was acting intoxicated and was upset that there was some talking going on in the crowd while they were playing so he called them out and yelled to them shut the F**k up. He left the stage and didn’t return causing some friction between him and the other performers. I was at the show and have to say so what. A live show is meant to be and feel real. I am so damn tired of people putting musicians as well as other entertainers and pro athletes on pedestals. These are people not robots they have feelings and emotions like we do. We expect them to act professional but yet we can act like assholes and be okay with it because we are not in the public eye. The show was awesome with great music fun conversations and realism which is exactly what I love to see at live shows especially ones like this. I heard fans screaming out the musicians names in awe and singing aloud to their favorite songs. The place was filled with a few hundred fans who were there because they wanted to be there.



I love seeing musicians just being themselves onstage and how they interact with each other especially when something unplanned happens. I hope the House of Independents brings more shows like this one in the near future.






Light of Day Foundation Sweet 16


After five days and nights of covering the Light of Day Foundation Sweet 16 here in Asbury Park I am finally finished editing and admiring over a thousand pictures circulating around social media. The Light of Day Foundation was created to raise money to help find a cure for Parkinsons disease and it’s related illnesses ALS and PSP. This event which has been happening for the last sixteen years and has since raised close to $4,000,000.



I have been covering this amazing event for the last three years and have so much fun watching the music community come alive for so many shows, artists and businesses. This year Asbury Underground http://www.asburyunderground.com/ was involved as well which includes so many local and mainstream artists coming together with local businesses.

This years events in Asbury Park featured some really awesome artists from headliners The Smithereens to local artists like Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son. The list of artists that performed at the main event held at the Paramount Theatre were Rob Dye, Milly, Luca, Joe D’Urso & the Stone Caravan, Emily Grove, Matt O’Rae Band, Dramarama, Jill Hennessy, Garland Jeffreys, Steve Forbert, Jesse Malin, James Maddock, Willie Nile, Joe Grushecky & the House Rockers, Williams Honor and The Smithereens.

Local businesses and venues used in Asbury Park this year were: The Paramount Theatre, The Stone Pony, The Wonder Bar, Langosta Lounge, The Watermark, Tim McLoone’s Supper Club, The Saint, Asbury Park Yacht Club, House of Independents, Heaven Gallery, Oasis Home, Parlor Gallery, Coil & Co., America’s Cup, Cafe Volan, Art629 Gallery, Exhibit No. 9 Gallery, BTll Gallery, Confections of a Rock Star, Holdfast Records, Twisted Tree Cafe, Shoppes at the Arcade, Cross & Orange & Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten.

Please take the time to check out all the pictures as they feature so many local acts as well as mainstream artists to make the Light of Day Foundation what it is today