Voivod at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ


Sometimes I go through the venue schedule of events and say who are some of these bands. I hate to admit it but Voivod was one of those bands for me. What I love is seeing the chatter on social media about certain area show coming up, that’s what excites me to cover bands I never followed or even listened to back in the day. Voivod was a stellar surprise as I was blown away by the headbanging cult following crowd that came out to the legendary Stone Pone Pony. I was front and center with my camera in hand clicking away like a madman. An amazing display of thrash metal close up in your face take it or leave it. The crowd was filled with a lot of old school hardcore metal fans that stayed well after the show ended to meet Snake and the band. It was definitely a worth while trip to Asbury Park, NJ on a bitterly cold night.






Panic State Records 7th Anniversary Show

Panic State Records held their 7th Anniversary show at  Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ with a killer lineup headlined by Catch 22. This stacked lineup included a reunion show with The Youth Ahead along with Lost in Society, With the Punches, Sammy Kay, Rebuilder, Teenage Halloween and World/Inferno Friendship Society.

Catch 22 is a really cool ska, punk, reggae band who hails from dirty Jersey. Some of them have younger kids who travel with them and hang out on stage while they perform. It’s awesome to watch the band have so much fun while their kids are dancing along with them.

Every single band brought excitement and energy to their fans especially With The Punches. The bodies just kept coming and coming over the rail fighting and singing their way into the security guards arms.

The Youth Ahead came out to play a reunion show, I remember being at their last show played years ago at Starland Ballroom. They performed just as good as they did back then.

I first saw World/Inferno Friendship Society a couple of months back opening up for The Bouncing Souls during their Home For The Holidays shows. I just love bands that have fun on stage and include the crowd into what they are doing.

Lost in Society is one of my local favorites, they always play around town and jump on all the fun shows. With a new Lp coming out I’m sure we will be seeing them a lot over the next few months.

Sammy Kay and Rebuilder played some cool acoustic sets as well, both home town favorites.

The youngest band of the night was Teenage Halloween who impressed me beyond my imagination. Frontman Luke Hendericks was on point with his song and play.




Lamb of God at Starland Ballroom


Metal powerhouse Lamb of God came to Starland Ballroom with support from Anthrax, Deaf Heaven and Power Trip. I have had the opportunity to cover Lamb of God twice once outside at PNC Bank Arts Center and now inside at Starland Ballroom. Both settings were extremely interesting but the Starland Ballroom show was over the top. I always feel like I’m part of the show not just covering it. Being withing arms reach of a band to me is way more exciting because you never know where or when something is going to happen right by you. I love being at a show with such an intense crowd. Vocalist Randy shows so much emotion on stage that you can’t help but show the same emotion in the crowd.


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Anthrax opened up for Lamb of God another major metal band who still shows amazing emotion and passion on stage. The sound just echos through your body and forces you to move and shake.


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Lost in Society


Lost in Society has been one of my favorite local Asbury Park bands who seem to keep striving towards bigger and better things. They are incredibly energetic on stage and pump out some cool punk songs to go along with their punk ass personalities. They have some cool stuff coming up like a new record “Modern Illusions” coming out February 26th 2016. There song “I Want To Know” is available now via streaming at Substream Magazine

PREMIERE: New Jersey punks Lost In Society get gritty with “I Want To Know”


They have some awesome shows coming up and was added to an already amazing lineup for the Panic State Records show Jan. 30th at Starland Ballroom with Catch 22.






Kelsea Ballerini at Starland Ballroom


Kelsea Ballerini brought her country cuteness to Starland Ballroom to a sea of fans. Kelsea has been doing some great things along the way she has been named Billboard’s top new country artist of 2015. She has been performing with some very big artists and is on her way to becoming a huge country star. She has the voice, the look and a stage performance to make it all happen. Her debut album “The First Time” is available now on her site http://kelseaballerini.com/

Kelsea is definitely an act to watch for in the coming years. You can check out my photo gallery from her Starland Ballroom show here:






Light of Day Foundation Sweet 16


After five days and nights of covering the Light of Day Foundation Sweet 16 here in Asbury Park I am finally finished editing and admiring over a thousand pictures circulating around social media. The Light of Day Foundation was created to raise money to help find a cure for Parkinsons disease and it’s related illnesses ALS and PSP. This event which has been happening for the last sixteen years and has since raised close to $4,000,000.



I have been covering this amazing event for the last three years and have so much fun watching the music community come alive for so many shows, artists and businesses. This year Asbury Underground http://www.asburyunderground.com/ was involved as well which includes so many local and mainstream artists coming together with local businesses.

This years events in Asbury Park featured some really awesome artists from headliners The Smithereens to local artists like Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son. The list of artists that performed at the main event held at the Paramount Theatre were Rob Dye, Milly, Luca, Joe D’Urso & the Stone Caravan, Emily Grove, Matt O’Rae Band, Dramarama, Jill Hennessy, Garland Jeffreys, Steve Forbert, Jesse Malin, James Maddock, Willie Nile, Joe Grushecky & the House Rockers, Williams Honor and The Smithereens.

Local businesses and venues used in Asbury Park this year were: The Paramount Theatre, The Stone Pony, The Wonder Bar, Langosta Lounge, The Watermark, Tim McLoone’s Supper Club, The Saint, Asbury Park Yacht Club, House of Independents, Heaven Gallery, Oasis Home, Parlor Gallery, Coil & Co., America’s Cup, Cafe Volan, Art629 Gallery, Exhibit No. 9 Gallery, BTll Gallery, Confections of a Rock Star, Holdfast Records, Twisted Tree Cafe, Shoppes at the Arcade, Cross & Orange & Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten.

Please take the time to check out all the pictures as they feature so many local acts as well as mainstream artists to make the Light of Day Foundation what it is today





Toothgrinder “Nocturnal Masquerade”


Toothgrinder is coming out with some new music, Jan. 29th “Nocturnal Masquerade” will be available.

Heavy music can be like a painting in the right hands. When executed correctly, splashes of ethereal soundscapes color technical, tight, and taut brutality, yielding a portrait that’s as aggressive as it is alive. In keeping with that approach, it might seem like Toothgrinder’s paintbrush is literally on fire after just one listen to their full-length Spinefarm Records debut, Nocturnal Masquerade. These five musicians—Wills Weller [drums], Jason Goss [guitar], Matt Mielke [guitar], Matt Arensdorf [bass], and Justin Matthews [vocals]—certainly know how to create combustible artwork.

“The album’s overall theme is this dark, eerie charade through the night,” explains Justin. “You could think of it as this torturous and fun carnival adventure. At the same time, it’s personal.”

The delicate balance of guttural guitar gnashing, polyrhythmic stop-start percussion, and the most delightful vocal schizophrenia this side of the Mississippi fuels this midnight waltz. It’s an amalgam the group has unlocked over the past few years beginning with a string of independent demos, their Schizophrenic Jubilee EP, and tours supporting the likes of Periphery, The Faceless, After The Burial, The Contortionist, and more. However, in April 2015, they honed and focused this attack, spending an uninterrupted month in a Maryland studio with producer Taylor Larson [Darkest Hour, Capture The Crown, Periphery], creating what would become Nocturnal Masquerade.

“The writing process was a lot different than past projects,” he goes on. “Those were very leisurely and without any urgency. With this album, we set a deadline to get something going. So, we sat down and put 100 percent of our focus into it. The pressure and concentration really helped us in a way. It motivated us to put out our best material.”

Nocturnal Masquerade commences with the budding explosion of “The House (That Fear Built),” which relays a relatable emotion. “That song was about the turning point for me where I really wanted to get out of my town, experience new things, and live my own life,” admits Justin. “I had this urge to do something different.”

Immediately after, the grinding freight train of “Lace & Anchor” derails on a haunting refrain, which sees Justin “dig deep to pull something out that I wanted to talk about but was afraid of.” “Blue” offers a mid-album rumination on “overcoming obstacles in your way” with a bombastic break and deliberate smash. “Diamonds for Gold” enlists the vocal talents of Periphery frontman Spencer Sotelo, expanding the boundaries and then destroying them in a hypnotic twin harmony.

Justin continues, “Spencer wanted to do a verse on one of the songs, and that one was perfect. It’s about trading in something you have that’s untouchable for something less. It’s like selling yourself to the devil.”
Now, Toothgrinder continue a home state tradition of breaking musical barriers, originally perpetuated by New Jersey stalwarts such as Catch 22 and Dillinger Escape Plan.

I remember being at one of Toothgrinders very first shows at Pauls Tavern in Lake Como, NJ and was so blown away by the energy these guys had on stage. There was no way in hell you could watch or listen to them without feeling it as well.

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