Concert Crave Artist Spotlight Show at House of Independents



Concert Crave and Spacebar Recording brought an Artist Spotlight Showcase to House of Independents. There was 32 acts doing seven minutes each competing for some cool prizes including opening up for a headlining act.

I decided to check it out since I’m always looking for new and interesting music to cover. It was more crowded then I anticipated with the snow and brutal cold hitting the area. Each act had a hometown crowd of friends and family to root them on which was cool to see.

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Work in Progress at The Stone Pony


Work in Progress is a young band featuring Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things along with his sister Sabrina. This was a winter break party show to showcase some of the younger bands that compete in the Rock to the Top showcase The Stone Pony puts together. Once the press found out all hell broke loose making it a sold out show pretty quickly. A second show was added for the next day just to satisfy the the amount of people wanting to see them perform.

I myself as a music photographer has been to hundreds of these type of shows and I could say that you never what your going to see or hear. Some of these young bands are hard to listen to and some just blow me away musically and visually.

Both shows were incredibly entertaining as it was refreshing to see them on stage having so much fun and being themselves. Gaten as well as all the band members were really cool and very appreciative of the fans. All the other bands who performed were asking to take pictures with him and he didn’t say no to anyone. They performed some cool covers as well as some originals. I’m very interested in watching this band over the next year or two to see where they end up.

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Another 90’s Show New Years Eve at The Stone Pony


This years New Years Eve show at The Stone Pony put on by Christine Feola of Dark City Entertainment was another success as you can see from the crowd. The legendary Stone Pony has had some amazing mainstream artists come through over the years but the local scene has been drawing some great crowds as well.

The local bands that kept the crowd screaming their heads off consisted of

Emily Grove and friends as Tori Amos

MACK as No Doubt

Chris Rockwell and friends as The Beastie Boys

Lost in Society and Earth Telephone as Third Eye Blind

Levy and the Oaks as The Foo Fighters

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Lost in Society

Emily Grove

Chris Rockwell


Levy and the Oaks


Hit The Lights at House of Independents



“Hit the Lights” presents an old-school pop punk metric, performed with pieces and sounds from their Lima, Ohio roots. The group of 5 consists of Nick Thompson (Vocals/guitar), Omar Zehery (lead guitar), David Bermosk (bass), Nate Van Damme (drums), and Kevin Mahoney (backing vocals, rhythm guitar). Since their fruition in 2003, the band has released 4 studio albums, and several other EPs, most recently releasing two singles in 2017. The band provides a pop-punk sound familiar to most, while also orchestrating a hard rock background with flashes of old school punk as well. Hit The Lights is most well known for their cover of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling”, on the popular Pop Goes Punk album series.

In 2017, the band has release two singles, “Siberian Itch” and “Believe in Me”, namely. Their new singles are nothing short of pure, classic punk music, representing the band’s original sound and message since their start. The band had recently played in their only show of 2017 at House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ, to a sizeable crowd. Hit the Lights is also rumored to have a new studio album release sometime in 2018.

written by Gianmarco Castronovo

Photo Gallery


Descendents at Starland Ballroom


The Descendents played a sold out show at Starland Ballroom that brought out a lot of old school punk rockers as well as droves of younger adults. Support touring bands The Ergs and Ruth Ruth played amazing sets as well.

Seen as one of the alt-rock staples of the early 80’s, Descendents provides an edgy, fast-paced, and riveting type of rock that spurred the punk movement later in the decade. Initially led by Milo Auckerman (vocals), Frank Navetta (guitar), Tony Lombardo (bass), Bill Stevenson (drums), and now lined with the likes of Karl Alvarez (bass) and Stephen Edgerton (guitar),  the Los Angeles natives created a unique sound apart from other local bands, fueled by “rejection, food, coffee, and girls”. Their debut LP, “Milo Goes to College”, draws inspiration from classic rock bands such as The Who, and brother punk band Black Flag, which is clearly shown in its to-the-bone hardcore tracks such as “Myage” and “I’m Not a Loser”. Ranked 33rd  on Rolling Stone’s “Greatest Punk Albums of All Time”, the album influenced punk bands of the late 80’s and 90’s such as The Offspring, Blink-182, and NOFX.

Their latest release, “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”, came in 2016 off of a 12-year hiatus between the band members, yet the album seems to demonstrate that the founders of early punk had never left. With their fast paced, caffeine-induced rhythm, “Victim of Me” takes listeners back to the band’s hardcore roots, while “Smile”, puts on a riveting, classic alternative rock show. The album truly shows that Descendents, are a dynamic band who forever changed the punk scene for years and years to come.

written by Gianmarco Castronovo

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The Ergs


Ruth Ruth


Seether “Poison The Parish” Tour at Starland Ballroom


Seether performed at Starland Ballroom to a packed house of almost 3,000 fans with touring support bands Shaman’s Harvest and The Dead Deads

Heavily influenced by Seattle grunge icons Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley, Seether represents a classic alternative rock sound that a hardcore fan couldn’t miss. The native South African group consists of Dale Stewart (guitar, bass) and John Humphrey (drums), with lead vocalist Shaun Morgan providing powerful concinnities that take the listener through passion, pain, and grief. The single “Fake It” off the 2007 album Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, sports a snide yet catchy single, while “Careless Whisper”, a cover of the classic George Michael tune, gets deep into the roots of rock.

More recently, Seether has produced their 8th studio album titled “Poison the Parish”, which displays a powerful performance of deep vocals mirrored with intrinsic instrumentals. The band truly exemplifies the album’s message of overcoming harsh times in tracks such as “Count Me Out” and “I’ll Survive”. Morgan digs deep into personal experience and rough waters, however he does portray the message that even the worst of times are followed by the best of times.

written by Gianmarco Castronovo

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Shaman’s Harvest


The Dead Deads


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