Ballyhoo! at The Stone Pony

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   Well the night has arrived June 30th 2013 at The Stone Pony, Ballyhoo! was set to perform on tour with Authority Zero. I have heard so much about Ballyhoo! but have not had a chance to see them live. There were two opening bands From The Ground and Versus The World, my first thought was why these bands who are more punkish playing with Ballyhoo!. I was under the impression that Ballyhoo! was more reggae then punk or rock so I was expecting a very calm sounding performance. Wow was I taken back, coming from a background of punk rock I was so impressed by what I saw and heard. I was stunned at the live performance Ballyhoo! brought to The Stone Pony. The fans were screaming and jumping all night long showing such passion with every song. Ballyhoo! comes from Baltimore and consist of Howi Spangler (vocals), Donald Big D Spangler (drums), JR Gregory (bass) and Scott Vandrey (cutz, keys. programming). There sound is described as punk/alternative/reggae and you can absolutely here each sound in every song. Ballyhoo! has performed with some great touring bands like 311, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, The Dirty Heads, Matisyahu and many more. The band was listed on MTV’s top 100 of bands to listen to and watch. They even had two downloadable songs on the popular video game Rock Band. They played Bamboozle 2012 as well as the entire Warped Tour 2012. The one thing I look for in a band is how they interact with the fans. Ballyhoo! did not disappoint they hung out after their set and signed autographs and took pictures with everyone that asked. You can see all of the pictures from the entire show by clicking this link .


Courtney Love at The Stone Pony

Courtney Love played The Stone Pony Friday night 6/28/13, originally slated for the summer stage the show was moved inside due to pending weather conditions. I have always loved Courtney’s music because of the passion she shows everytime she takes the stage. Last night was no exception, the crowd was so into her with so many young and old fans dressing the part. The moment came when Courtney and her band entered the pony only to see Courtney kneeling down surrounded by her band mates. My first notion was oh shit she’s messed up and this show is going to be a disaster. All of a sudden she bolted out the door but all because she was not feeling that great and had to yak outside before taking the stage. She looked out of it but to my surprise she was incredible on stage. Courtney is one of the most entertaining musicians I have ever seen. She interacted with the crowd on all levels while she sipped her ginger ale and smoked her cigs. Her voice was on the money and played the guitar like it never left her hands. I for one was glad the show was moved inside allowing her to make the show that much more intimate. She played a complete set with some acoustic songs as the encore leaving everyone wanting more. Thank you Courtney for a great performance, hope you come back to the Jersey Shore real soon.


Social Distortion on the Stone Pony Summer Stage

This past Saturday 6/22/13 I reached another milestone in my short time as a band, concert photographer. I had the pleasure of providing photo coverage for one of my all time favorite bands Social Distortion. There are only a couple of bands that get me so pumped that even at my age I still feel like a kid and crowdsurf. After shooting the first three songs I went in to the crowd with some friends and started rock’in out. During their last song Ring of Fire it was time, up I went and over just in time to head inside to rock out with The F Bombers one of my favorite punk bands. It was a night I will always remember. You can check out all my pics from the show at and

Setlist: So Far Away, Bad Luck, Through These Eyes, Story Of My Life, Hour Of Darkness, Machine Gun Blues, Cold Feelings, When She Begins, Crown Of Thorns, Sweet & Lowdown, Ball & Chain, Misery Loves Company, Reach For The Sky, It Coulda Been Me, Winners and Losers, Ring Of Fire


Tauk ” Homunculus “

The band Tauk has a new album out called Homunculus, its an awesome array of tunes that will excite you in many ways. Tauk’s music combines the likes of funk, jazz, pop and rock in a way that makes you want to close your eyes and disappear into dreamland. The band is made up of Matt Jalbert, Charlie Dolan, Alric Carter and Isaak Teel, together that make great music. They are based in NYC and have already opened up for some cool acts that include O.A.R., MOE, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, 311, A set at Gathering of the Vibes and a feature on Fuse TV.

While most high-school bands break up when they head off to college, Tauk’s musical bond survived over long distances. The three members majored in music in college, and Tauk regularly performed over school breaks. After graduating, they hit the road in the fall/winter of 2010 to play nearly 40 shows in a national tour playing in almost all of the major and small markets across the country.

Tauk has an upcoming show June 8th in Asbury Park N.J. at the Berkeley Hotel, for all of Tauk’s tour dates check out this link :


Gotham Rocks 5 Year Anniversary Show at Irving Plaza

   On Saturday Gotham Rocks will be celebrating 5 years with a premier show at Irving Plaza. I am fortunate enough that Gotham Rocks/Tech 9 Music reached out to me and asked if I would like to provide photo coverage of a show that will include Charetta, Woods Of Arden, The Amatory Murder, Machine Elves and ISPACEWALKSOMETIMES. (


   Four years ago, Cary Tamura and Mike Sankari, addressed the growing need for a new vision promoter in the NY scene, who would take the initiative to create an environment solely based on the agenda of nurturing rising talent. With little more than sweat, energy, and a belief that a frayed scene could be re-energized, the duo set out to forge a stage for bigger and better shows for deserving, hardworking and talented bands in and around New York. The initial vision to create a showcase environment exposing bands to music industry, media, new fans and other great acts in the region has delivered a new scene for New York City. A community counting tens of thousands has emerged, and with each passing month, continues to grow.

Tech-9 Music (Gotham Rocks / No Mercy Metal) has become a rock and metal powerhouse, wherein they stage over 60 shows a year. Prestigious venues including the Gramercy Theater, Highline Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Crash Mansion, Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ) and many others are all housing branded productions. The company continues to explore viable avenues to create opportunities for talent outside of the five boroughs, with footholds in Long Island, New Jersey via their alliance with Great Adventure, and other regions currently being explored. Outside of talent based in the New York area, bands from California, Kentucky, Florida, Japan and others are amongst the hundreds who have enjoyed the benefits of the concert series.

Charetta (

Woods Of Arden (

The Amatory Murder (

Machine Elves (


Gotham Rocks (



Project Sloopy at Roxy n Dukes

Project Sloopy (7)_vThis past Sunday 5/5/13 I was asked to provide photo coverage of the Project Sloopy benefit show at Roxy n Dukes. The Mission of Project Sloopy is to reduce the amount of medical waste domestically and precipitate growth by salvaging excess and unused medical supplies from families of special needs children and hospice patients by redistributing them to families in need both domestically and worldwide. When Tom and Kate Mallory had their first child they had no idea anything was wrong. Little Ana Cru was not breathing at birth and was immediately rushed to the NICU. Ana spent three months there and was never diagnosed. Her condition so frail her family was given very little hope and brought their angel home on hospice. In the first six months she was in 3 hospitals 6 separate wings and even a helicopter to bring her to the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia where her family selflessly moved so that she can get the worlds best care. Ana passed away in February but her spirit lives on. Her parents started the charity Project Sloopy in her honor. This charity gathers supplies and equipment from from various donations (mostly from hospitals, hospices, medical supply companies and patients homes). They get redistributed to families in need that can’t afford them. They are also working with a few angencies to help distribute  supplies overseas as well. Melissa Franco one of the promotors from Roxy n Dukes arranged this benefit show by reaching out to numerous bands to perform out of the goodness of their hearts to help raise money for Project Sloopy. The bands that performed were Gnar Life, Gabe Zander, Decrepit Youth, The Undead, The Accelerators, The Antics, Devilhaus and Vengents. I was proud and excited to be part of something special and used my photography skills to help perserve all the memories from this day. If you would like to find out more information about this great charity go to or contact Kate Koehn at, Tom Mallery at .

Wrath Of Killenstein @Roxy n Dukes

Saturday March 23rd Aly Mulligan from WSOU Street Patrol and Matt Burns from Trendkiller Entertainment host an awesome metal show at Roxy n Dukes located in Dunellen, NJ. The bands that performed were Wrath Of Killenstein, Ixion Lux, Division 1.1, Ever Disaster, Ashes Of Your Enemy, Bound Alive, Son Of Leeds and Abraxas. This show wasn’t just about music, in between band sets Karnevil performed some incredible and entertaining acts that included everything from sword juggling, a bed of nails, face and body mutilation and much more. There was also some artists set up to show off their crafts : Adrianna Doelling, Comic Book Afterlife, KSNDezignz and Bryan Flanagan. All the bands put on a great show with high energy and great passion. First up was Abraxas a Melodic Death Metal band  out of NJ. The Son Of Leeds played next, they are a metal band from Hazlet, NJ  who I have seen many times before. Bound Alive continued the metal onslaught to a filled room of die head metal fans. Ashes Of Your Enemy took the stage next and killed it. Next up was Ever Disaster formally know as Crawl 2 Chaos. Division 1.1 was next and was using this show as their album release party. Ixion Lux was the band that made this show inviting for me. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform during this past summer and was very impressed by not just their music but the incredible energy front man John Mosher brings. They also have some great fans that come out and show support. It was time for the headliner Wrath Of Killenstein. Being a fan of Cradle Of Faith I was looking forward to seeing this band perform. They bring a great visual to the stage as well as some kick ass metal sounds. As they took the stage and started the smoke machines along with their intro an alarm sounded. Everyone was starting to got into the music and thought the alarm sound was part of the show. Lights were flashing beeps were sounding and then we heard this, everyone leave the building. The smoke machines set off the building alarm and everyone had to evacuate the building. Wrath Of Killenstein had just finished getting into their awesome outfits and was all pumped to put on a great show, they now found themselves along with the fans standing outside in the cold waiting to see what happens. About 30 minutes went by when I realized most of the crowd had left. I felt bad but not knowing when we were going to be let back in I was starting to walk to my car when a voice said we can go back in. So glad I did, Wrath Of Killenstein brought what was left of Roxy n Dukes down. Amazing show from start to finish organized by Matt and Aly.

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Ixion Lux ( )

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