Punk Rock Music & Bowling Festival at The Stone Pony Summer Stage

The start of The Stone Pony Summer Stage shows kicked off with The Punk Rock Music & Bowling Festival. I am blessed to be the official house photographer for the legendary Stone Pony which allows me access to pretty much all shows there. Outside festivals always makes me happy as I get to roam around and meet so many interested people as well as cover all the bands. Three days of non stop music and fun give me goosebumps as I like to consider myself as not just another music photographer but a part of the show music photographer.

This years lineup was insane with headliners The Specials and Charles Bradley along with NOFX and The Buzzcocks. Two local bands The Vansaders and Hot Blood kicked off each day with a bang getting the crowd roaring for what’s to come. A few of the bands performing I have seen in the past but most I have only heard of so for me it’s so exciting to see and hear new bands that are out there.

My love and passion for music never stops with one band or genre it keeps opening up the door to more and more interesting musicians and artists of all styles.

Here is the full list of bands that performed:

The Dwarves, Blanks 77, Stigma, Wyldlife, The Specials, Charles Bradley and the Extrodinares, Dillinger Four, The Explosion, Pup, The Templars, Crazy and the Brains, Ravagers, The Vansaders, Giuda, Street Dogs, Sick of it All, NOFX, Buzzcocks, Lifetime, Leftover Crack, The Pietasters, The New Darkbuster, Posers, Big Wig, Hot Blood, Lenny Lashley and His Gang of One

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Here are all the links to view my photo galleries of the event:


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