Lamb of God at Starland Ballroom


Metal powerhouse Lamb of God came to Starland Ballroom with support from Anthrax, Deaf Heaven and Power Trip. I have had the opportunity to cover Lamb of God twice once outside at PNC Bank Arts Center and now inside at Starland Ballroom. Both settings were extremely interesting but the Starland Ballroom show was over the top. I always feel like I’m part of the show not just covering it. Being withing arms reach of a band to me is way more exciting because you never know where or when something is going to happen right by you. I love being at a show with such an intense crowd. Vocalist Randy shows so much emotion on stage that you can’t help but show the same emotion in the crowd.


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Anthrax opened up for Lamb of God another major metal band who still shows amazing emotion and passion on stage. The sound just echos through your body and forces you to move and shake.


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