Pink Cigar at The Saint in Asbury Park


So as I sat in my house taking a nap I pondered with going out or staying in and resting. I watched as some facebook friends commented on my status. all but one said I should stay home. Of course being the rebel I am I took the one friends advice and ventured out to The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ. I saw that a rock band from London was playing along with some friends of mine. As I arrived a band was already playing to a large crowd and I’m like damn the UK band Pink Cigar started. As I got closer I realized the band playing was a band called The Mighty Nothings who were great. I heard someone say that it was the bands first live gig which blew me away.

When Pink Cigar took the stage I was like holy shit this is what the Rolling Stones must have looked and sounded like when they were young. They were everything you could have wanted to see and hear in a cool UK rock band. Stage presence, crowd interaction, a great look and an awesome sound.

They are currently on an east coast tour that covered New York City, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Queens. I highly recommend checking them out :

Here is a link to my photo gallery for your viewing pleasure



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