Fishbone at the House of Independents


So a new venue in Asbury Park emerged with last night being opening night. Headlining the show was Fishbone with Murphy’s Law kicking it off. I was invited down to cover the show by a very cool energetic and excited pr rep for the new place. When I first arrived (as I am always early) I had a chance to walk around before anyone other then staff was in the building. The first thing that caught my eye was that it had an upstairs bar area separated from the downstairs GA floor and stage. This adds a great option for fans to be able to choose between being in the trenches or just hanging upstairs relaxing and enjoying the show from above. The venue has a downstairs bar as well behind the pushed back bleachers where patrons could chill and talk without seeing the stage but still hear the music. The sound and lighting are top notch with surrounding brick walls and a very high ceiling it makes for some very cool effects. The place was packed and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The venue is setup to be able to have all styles of music shows as well as dance, comedy and anything else it so desires.


The headlining band Fishbone was a perfect fit for opening night as they bring a combination of ska/punk and funk style music to the table. They are a seasoned group of musicians that know how to bring it.


Murphy’s Law started off the night with some old school ska/punk tunes. Some heavy hitters were there to get nasty in the pit as they sang out loud cheering on their boys.

The night was a total success from my view and looking forward to more shows to come.

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