Asbury Lanes Last Dance for Now 10.03.15





Asbury Lanes isn’t just about the music it’s very much about the people. This venue has been one the true punk rock/hardcore venues of it’s kind in the area. The passion and sweat that has come through the lanes can never be measured by any number. The memories of kids growing up here will never be forgotten. Asbury Lanes is being shut down for renovations by a new builder in town. One last show was arranged for all the locals to come and hangout, tell their stories and share in what just might be the last show of it’s kind.





What’s next for Asbury Lanes no one knows yet but everyone is hoping for the best. Regardless of what happens no one can take away the fun and passion that these walls hold. Places like this are don’t come around that often anymore so it’s hard to see another venue go down.





Sammy Kay, The Holy Mess, Lost In Society and Beach Slang brought down the house as everyone rocked out till the end. Thank you Asbury Lanes and every single person that has come through and crossed my path for making what I do so worth it. I hope to see all of you out at a show somewhere soon.

Here is the link to all my pics from this amazing show


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