Indian Summer 2015 Asbury Park, NJ


As I was scanning my feed I came across an event called Indian Summer in Asbury Park, NJ. This is an event combining music, vendors, camping and food on the beach. I couldn’t resist and immediately checked my schedule and saw I was free of any assignments the weekend of Sept. 26th and 27th. I was told that the co-founder and organizer of this second year event was Colin Carhart from the Wreaths. I reached out and asked if I could cover the event and Colin replied absolutely.



As I looked over the schedule of bands and events I realized that outside of a few locals I didn’t know many of the bands performing which made this event even more exciting for me. I always enjoy seeing and hearing new music and I could tell you I totally liked every single act that played. Saturday started out with a bazaar inside the Asbury Park Arcade stacked with cool vendors selling mostly crafts. Outside the Anchors Bend on the north side of the beach was a stage built right on the beach with non stop music all day and night overseeing the amazing ocean. Inside the arcade was more music playing as hundreds of people walked around browsing and shopping all day.





Here is the list of bands that provided us with a weekend of cool sounds: Mad Feather Group, Von Mons, St. James and the Apostles, Wreaths, Ribeye Brothers, Daughter Vision, Miss TK and the Revenge, Cosmicide, DJ Foggy Notion, Joe Cirotti Trio, Gringo Motel, Chris Brown, El Noordzo, Princes of Tides, Stained Glass, Gods and Chris Harford and the Band of Changes. This was again an awesome weekend of music and fun in Asbury Park, NJ. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and for always being so kind and appreciative of what I do.

Here is a link to my pics:


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