Swimsuit Photo Shoot by A Charming Essence Boudoir Photography






My friend Louis Santore is an inspiring boudoir/model photographer who was embarking on a swimsuit photo shoot on the beach. I had asked Lou since I’m much more of a music photographer if I could assist him on the shoot and take some behind the scenes shots. He of course replied no problem I need someone to hold the reflectors lol ! I wanted to start learning more about other means of photography as I love taking pictures more then anything. We started out at a space that he has at Timeless Creations By Cindy in Point Pleasant to have the swimsuit models hair and makeup done. We then procedded down to the beach in Avon for a spot to shoot. The day was beautiful with a nice breeze coming off the ocean. We settled on a nice spot by the rocks all covered in dew surrounded by the calming ocean. The model he had choose he had worked with in the past because as he says she is very easy to work with which always makes what us photographers do that mush easier. The shoot went off without a hitch other then stopping a few times to move spots and keep his subject warm. It was a great experience for me as I worked with handheld reflectors fighting the wind trying to keep the subject well lit.









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