Dolly’s at Asbury Lanes

Dolly’s have their “Oh, Please” Release show coming up at the Court Tavern June 19th but last night they blessed us with their tour kickoff show at Asbury Lanes with support from Perennial Reel, Armstrong Leigh and The Cold Seas.


It was a damp rainy night but all the die hard friends and fans showed up to support a cool band made up of Jeff Lane, Natalie Newbold and Erik Romero. This 3 piece indie pop band out of New Brunswick, NJ has a real cool sound and feel. Drummer and vocalist Natalie brings her powerful drumming skills and sweet vocals to the max every show. Their tour starts today and you can see all there coming up dates leading them back to their hometown for the release show



you can check out all the pics from the Asbury Lanes show here

Opening up the show was Perennial Reel another three piece indie rock band out of Jersey City, NJ who is currently on tour as well



you can check out all the pics for Perennial Reel here

They were followed by a band I was seeing and hearing for the first time Armstrong Leigh from Austin, Tx.
I was blown away by this two piece insanely cool band. The voice on Michelle Armstrong put me in a zone I didn’t want to come out of. Her musical partner Christopher Leigh was equally fun to watch. Together I stood there with my camera in dreamland wishing they never got off the stage.


you can check out all the pics for Armstrong Leigh here

Next up was The Cold Seas another local group of guys from Asbury Park, NJ that consider themselves psychadelic indie rock folk pop all combined into one awesome sounding band.



You can check out all the pics for The Cold Seas here


The Cold Seas

Armstrong Leigh

Perennial Reel


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