Vinyl Heart Record Release Show at Asbury Lanes

Dentist (1)

Seaside Caves (11)

Smalltalk (1)

Trans Charger Metropolis (3)

The Vinyl Record Release show was held on Feb. 13th at Asbury Lanes located in Asbury Park NJ where the music scene is thriving. Zak Kaplan from Smalltalk put together this show to help promote the local music scene. He came up with the idea to have a heart shaped vinyl record with tunes from the four local bands that performed live the night of the show. The bands were Trans Charger Metropolis, Smalltalk, Seaside Caves and Dentist. The local music scene in Asbury Park is beyond anything I have ever seen, as a music photographer I have had the opportunity to provide photo coverage for so many mainstream bands but the local scene is where my heart is. I love the smaller more intimate venues because it allows me to capture the close up passionate expressions that the fans show and look forward to expressing. All of the bands came to play and gave an amazing show to a packed house. No matter where I go in Asbury the local bands and fans are there to support eachother. I am very grateful and fortunate to by part of this scene. I would like to personally thank everyone who allows me to do what I do. I take what I do very seriously and plan on continuing to do so as long as I can. Here are a list of the sponsers from the show: Asbury Lanes, Pirate Press Records, Russo Asbury Park, Cooldad Music, Holdfast & Chunksaah Records.

Here is the link to all my pics from the show:


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