Asbury Music Awards 2014 at The Stone Pony


Another year has past since my first nomination and win for top music photographer. It has been a very hard year both physically and emotionally for me. I love doing what I do more then anything I have ever done and so glad I can be part of something great. I truly love seeing everyone share a passion for what they do. The Asbury Music Awards was hosted by Taylor Allen, he did a great job of making the crowd laugh and kept the show moving along during those awkward moments of waiting for the next presenter or performer to come up to the stage. The musical talent that performed was on point and made the event one of the best ever.

There were two amazing moments during the event one was an incredible heart felt speech in memory of Steve Tambone the drummer from River City Extension.

The other one was watching Glen Burtnick receive his living legend award from Tony Pallagrosi and then proposing to his girlfriend Christina Shafer.

For me it was just another night supporting the music scene and enjoying every second. I want to personally thanks all the nominees, winners, supporters and fans as well as everyone who worked there asses off to make this years event possible.

All the pictures from the event can be seen here:


The winners are:


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