Deal Casino Heck Release Show at Asbury Lanes


All the pics from the show can be seen here:

Deal Casino has emerged as one of the best all around local bands to hit the stage. There musicianship and stage presence is to die for. Not to mention they are some of the nicest musicians I have ever met. Last night was a huge night for the band as they were having their release show for their new ep “Heck”. I was unsure if I was going to make it as I had another assignment more north but as it usually does the timing was on point and I arrived at Asbury Lanes just minutes from Deal Casino taking the stage. Like every other Deal Casino show I was blown away. When I’m watching them I can’t help but bop around and tap my feet with enjoyment. All there songs are catchy and grab you in emotionally until your hooked. The setlist for the show was: Anything That’s Bad, Cadillac, Fortyfive, Baba O’Riley, Tomorrow, L.A., Bang Bang Bang, Chillers, Flying Cars, Ain’t No Fool, Hurricane, Blanck, Red, Downtown and The Runaways. I have truly become attached to Deal Casino’s music more then any other band in recent years.


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