The Saint Celebrates 20 years in Asbury Park NJ














It was just a couple of weeks after Hurricane Sandy when I started to see every single show at Starland Ballroom show up as cancelled due to the amount of damage Sandy caused. I remember going to a local tavern to see a show just to get out and back into the swing of things. I had only been to Asbury Park once or twice prior and knew absolutely nothing about the history of those shore towns. The legendary Stone Pony was just another place to me. The Saint was unknown to me and nowhere on my radar. In a very short time I came to understand how much alive the music scene was in Asbury Park and how much everyone lived the music scene as one big family. As a music photographer and supporter of all kinds of music the Asbury music scene fit me so tight it was like a good pair of Jordache jeans from back in my day. The Saint very shortly became the place I wanted to be, Scott and Meg welcomed me with open arms like I was one of there own. I started hearing and seeing all of these cool events that happen throughout the year that uses all the venues in Asbury to celebrate. Events like the Light of Day and the Asbury Music Awards just to name a couple.
This week The Saint is celebrating it’s 20 year of having live music from locals to mainstream and national acts. I have never ever been to The Saint without having a great time, from great music to great people every show seems to work. Scott and Meg you will always be in my heart for all the great times and hopefully we will be celebrating for many more years to come, you guys ROCK!


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