Halloween at The Wonder Bar 2014

Halloween night always brings out some weird happenings. There are so many shows, events and places to just hang out and chill. This Halloween I choose to go to the Wonder Bar for Christine’s Dark City Entertainment and Promotions Halloween show featuring Pistol Charmer as The Rolling Stones, Creeptones as the Beatles, Hot Blood as Minor Threat, Des and the Swagmatics as Prince, The Battery Electric as the Misfits, Only Living Boy as Radiohead, Empire Escorts as the Doors and Amy Malkoff and the Moonshines as Black Sabbath. Each band not only played these bands music but also dressed up like them creating an incredible array of different styles. The crowd brought their A game with such amazing costumes ranging from just some face makeup to awesome home made outfits.
I knew before the party even started that this was the place to be for the night and boy was I right, the crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger to the point where people were being turned away at the door. That’s right the Wonder Bar was sold out.
So many great moments happened and so glad jeffcrespiROCKS was there to document them. I swear I can’t get enough of this stuff. I’m on such a high without being high when I’m at shows loving every second all the time.
Click this link to see all the great pics from this awesome event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffcrespirocks/sets/72157646817286784/


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