Gas House Gorillas at Roxy & Dukes


Up until now I have only heard about The Gas House Gorillas. Everything I heard was everything I saw at Roxy & Dukes when The Gas House Gorillas decided to jump onto the show. When I arrived the guys were all just sitting around the bar waiting for some chow. I was introduced to them by Jim the owner of Roxy’s, they all seemed like very cool guys. They were nice enough to allow me take some band shots before the crowd came in which in my experience you never how the response is going to be. The show went off without a hitch as it started with a sideshow and burlesque show followed by two great sets of high energy punk americana style music. One of The Gas House Gorillas high points is when frontman Rick Fink leaps off stage and jumps on top of the crowd tables getting the audience to engage into a singing frenzy. Thanks to Roxy & Dukes for introducing me to this awesome style of music. Check out my pics from the show here:


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