Dark City Entertainment and Promotions


Dark City Entertainment and Promotions is a company created by Christine Feola from Asbury Park. She has become a force to be reckoned with and one hell of a nice person. Make no mistake though Christine takes her job very seriously and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She is very well respected because of the way she handles herself and the fact that she takes care of all the bands she books. Christine also created Happy Mondays which is a free show that takes place every Monday night at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park which has brought in some great bands local and national. Last night Christine had her local summer Kick Off Party at The Wonder Bar to welcome home two local bands just off of a mini tour, Hot Blood and The Vansaders. The lineup was MSRP, The Villanelles, Hot Blood, The Battery Electric, The Vansaders and was kicked off with Colton Kayser. I myself was covering two shows running back and forth from The Wonder Bar and Asbury Lanes catching each band as they took the stage. MSRP and The Villanelles were the only bands I had never seen live and was presently impressed by both. One of the cool things that keeps me motivated and passionate about what I do is the closeness that all the bands feel around each other. They all join in and watch, scream and dance together creating an amazing atmosphere that keeps the music scene alive and kicking. Christine has found away to make stuff happen here in Asbury Park, lets hope she continues to do great things. Here are all the band links and pictures from last nights show, please take the time to check out all the bands that played and even better come down to one of her shows and show your support for the music scene.












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