7 Seconds at Asbury Lanes

IMG_6621IMG_6833IMG_6880IMG_6885IMG_6967IMG_6984The shows at Asbury Lanes keeps getting better and better. I’ve had the pleasure of providing photo coverage for some great old school punk/hardcore bands this year. I was there for the Street Dogs, Wisdom of Chains, OFF!, Sick of it All and now 7 Seconds. It was the first time 7 Seconds came to the lanes and they made the best of it. They were welcomed by the staff who are huge fans as well as an upbeat enthusiastic crowd. The best part of punk/hardcore shows are you never know where and when a body is going to jump, fly or drop next to or on you. They come from everywhere and anywhere, which makes it dangerous and cool at the same time for a photographer. I always take notice of certain individuals at each show to focus on because there are usually a handful that stand out and make me stay alert for great moments to capture. 7 Seconds consist of Kevin (vocals), Steve (bass), Bobby (Guitar) and Troy (Drums). I was present for the sound check and knew I was in for a great show when the sound guy put on a display of happiness in front of the stage, he was obviously a big fan of the band himself. I watched Troy go threw some wild stretching and warm up exercises prior to the set. They were all great guys and gave the fans what they came for. It sill amazes me how these guys as well as other bands of this genre still do what they do at their ages. The energy is just insane and the passion from the heart according to Kevin Seconds is where its at. For me every show is a new experience and this one was no different. Thanks 7 Seconds for coming to Asbury Lanes and putting on a great show. You can check out all my pics from the show at this link : https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffcrespirocks/sets/72157645799490310/






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