Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

42433667950119A while back I was invited to the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market by some cool punk ass friends. I said to myself I like punk rock, I like flea markets so why not. I was extremely impressed by the way it was organized and ran. I meet Joseph Kuzemka through the same friends that invited me to the event. Joseph does an amazing job organizing events that bring people together for a purpose as he also puts together another incredible event called Trenton Art All Night. I loved the event so much that I asked Joe if I could be part of the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market this time around as an event photographer. Being a guy from the 80’s and working in NYC I couldn’t help falling in love with the New Wave/Punk Rock scene both musically and visually. I find the scene so incredibly interesting and visually appealing. I myself as well as a music lover am an artist so put me in a place with interesting people, music and art work and I’m in heaven. The flea market was filled with vendors selling all kinds of cool stuff from old toys and books to amazing displays of music related items and some incredible art work. Food vendors were on hand with some great eats like cupcakes and tater tots to vegan food. The shoppers and browsers ranged from little infants to older punk rock diehards. I love seeing families enjoying moments like this just spending a few hours together and enjoying themselves. I walked around a few times to get a visual of what was there, as a photographer I take notice of interesting items and people to capture. There was no shortage here as I couldn’t stop asking people to smile and hold up the items they have purchased to show how great this event has become. As you will see from my pictures the line to get in was constant all day, even with only a half hour to go people were still lining up to pick up some bargain. Make sure you keep an eye out for the next one, you won’t be disappointed.

pictures link


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