Shout Outs

So I would like to take this time time to reflect over the last few months or years. Everyday we are faced with life on life’s terms and as we all know that is not an easy task. Every day I wake up and try my best at accomplishing what I set out to do and for the most part I succeed. I have been very lucky thus far especially over the last 25 years since I have been clean and sober, as you all must know by now I do not drink at all or do drugs or even smoke cigs. But, I do love music and love to have fun. I truly believe that we are able to change our lives at any given moment if we really have a desire to do so. Going to live shows and taking pictures for me is like some people just being able to get up in the morning. One thing I always try to do is be there when doors open to see any and all acts playing because you never know who your going to see or hear. There are so many shows I go to without ever hearing or knowing who they are to be able to have a brand new experience, and then there are so many shows I miss because I had no idea who they were until after I see the posts and pics. My life is far from perfect and I struggle on a daily basis like most of us but life is to short to sit back and watch other people be happy. I decided to write this blog to tell people who I am as a person not just as a photographer. Taking pics of live bands is what I do but not who I am, I look at everyone the same way for who you are not for what you do. There are so many people I could thank but that would take for ever so just to be clear every single person in each and every venue I have stepped foot in over the years have been part of what I do and who I am. It has been close to 900 shows since the first one I took my son to almost 9 years ago. It would be mind blowing to try and figure out how many hours I have spent behind the computer uploading, editing, promoting and just viewing whats out there musically. There is so much talent out there and not just music but genuine people that care and want to help. This post is dedicated to all the venues, promoters, musicians, sound engineers, lighting crews and anyone else who takes part in making it all happen.


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