Reverend Horton Heat at Roxy and Dukes

706864605236I was hearing the buzz months before the show, are you going to see Reverend Horton Heat, are you going to see Reverend Horton Heat. I said to myself who the hell is Reverend Horton Heat. I kept hearing about these rockabilly bands but never seen any live. Roxy and Dukes ( an amazingly cool club has rockabilly bands all the time. This show seemed to be a very big deal for the club as it was a national act and a sold out crowd. I definitely wanted to be part of it as a photographer I knew there would be lots of awesome moments to capture. The feeling before the doors opened was a combination of excitement and nervousness, all the regulars and staff were waiting very patiently for everyone to arrive. The crowd was everything I expected cool people, cool outfits and a very talented band. It was one of the funnest shows of the year for me and I’m sure for most people there. This show made me a fan of another style of music that I could now add to portfolio.

Check out all the pics at this link:



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