jeffcrespiROCKS Birthday Bash at The Saint

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSo the time had come for my jeffcrespiROCKS Birthday Bash, it was the big one. My 50th birthday and I couldn’t think about celebrating it any other way but at The Saint with some hand picked bands and at a place that has welcomed myself and my family with open arms. I asked Hot Blood, End of an Era, A Balance Between, Vextion and The Antics to play the show and I’m glad I did. All the bands killed it and everyone had a great time. There were so many moments I will never forget like the amazing cake that Lisa had designed for me with an edible camera to my friend Melissa getting on stage and saying so many nice things about me. Even my wife and sister were there to enjoy my day and as you know my wife doesn’t come to many shows so it was a huge stretch for her to be there. I can not say enough about all the people that came out to support the bands the venue and me. 

A Balance Between (1)


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