Reese Dishonor

ImageImageVocalist, Rapper, Writer the surburban vagabond that goes by the moniker Reese Dishonor has been breaking definition since his eclectic upbringing in a quaint south Jersey town, a stones throw away from greater Philadelphia. From freestyling in the hallways to writing self published short stories and poetry during his high school years as well as his emergence onto the underground metal scene in 2005, Reese has set his own bar high, continually staying ahead of the curve.

Frontman for the metalcore miscreants Beyond Dishonor, Reese captivates audiences with his commanding yet inviting presence, full of passion, angst and an undeniable joy of performing. Touring from the Pacific to the Atlantic, he uses his booming voice to preach a message full of awareness of ones own existence, injustices of the music industry and racial/gender/sexual equality. Not to be pigeonholed, he also has performed at open mic nights under the hip hop persona Afterthought. 

Never at a loss for words or a smile, Reese brings humor and insight throughout his travels and interactions across the board. He is actively developing a clothing line which a percentage of the profits will be donated to various human rights awareness funds. Reese’s goal through his art is to bring the same excitement and fire that has fueled his multifaceted career thus far to an unsuspecting world.


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