Street Dogs at Asbury Lanes

   ImageImageImageImageThe almighty Street Dogs came to Asbury Lanes as one of their stops on the Wreck The Halls tour. I had fallen in love with the Street Dogs music about eight years ago when I first saw them at Warped Tour with my son. Frontman Mike McColgan was so energetic and a real crowd pleaser. When I saw that they were coming to Asbury I jumped on the opportunity to provide photo coverage for them. The show was an amazing one from start to finish with support from Jon Caspi & The First Gun, The Scandals and Chosen Ones. There is nothing better then an old school punk rock show. The fans are always into each and every band that plays and for the most part enjoys themselves. Every once in a while a loose canyon comes to town and tries to wreck shit but the Street Dogs showed him who’s boss. After a scuffle they showed their professionalism jumped back on stage and finished the show. 

   The Street Dogs hail from Boston, Mass and are on pirates press records. Their influences are top notch with Joe Strummer and the Clash of course including Social Distortion, Black Flag, Bad Brains and many others. After doing some research I came to find out that Mike was a veteran of the first gulf war and the original singer for the Dropkick Murphys. The Street Dogs originated in 2002, has had some lineup changes but have never given up on the message that they so passionately want to give. Not without a purpose not without a fight is how they live and breath standing up for the common man and woman. 

   The Street Dogs are in my opinion and many others one of the best punk rock bands around and I hope they come back this why sooner then later. Thank you Street Dogs for giving me something to believe in and fight for.

You can check out all my pics from the show here



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