Asbury Music Awards 2013

   ImageImageImageImageImageImageThe Asbury Music Awards was in full swing this year at The Stone Pony, this was the 21st year of it’s existence. The AMA’s was created by Scott Stamper who presently owns The Saint in Asbury. Last year I stumbled across the awards by accident, when Starland Ballroom closed up because of Hurricane Sandy it gave me the chance to venture out more. I started going to The Stone Pony, The Saint, The Brighton Bar and The Wonder Bar more often and was welcomed by everyone. My wide range of music became even wider with so many local acts on any given night I was busier then ever supporting the scene. A big thanks goes to Maria Mar for always being there to support what I do and inviting me to any and all shows she was involved with. She helped me gain exposure to many bands I would have never came across on my own. Kyle from The Stone Pony, Scott from The Saint, Greg from The Brighton Bar and many more have given me a great opportunity to show off my photography skills while helping bands gain exposure. 

   The Awards were hosted by Jeff Raspe from 90.5 The Night. The artists who performed live were Lemon Juice, Empire Escorts, Wreaths, The Black Jesuses, The Battery Electric, Amy Malkoff and the Moonshines, Lower The Veil, Harpers Fellow featuring Joe Michelini, Emily Grove Band, Granston Dean, The Sunday Blues, Ardvark Smile, Alex English, Taylor Allen and Nicole Greenwood.

click this link to see all of the 2013 nominees

click this link to see all my pictures from the event

If anyone is interested in purchasing any enlarged prints please let my know and thanks to everyone for allowing me to do what I love.Image



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