Gotham Rocks Holiday Fest 2013

   ImageImageImageImageImageGotham Rocks and Tech-9 Music had their first ever Holiday fest which was a combined three shows ending with a holiday party. Night one was the Gotham Rocks Refuge which was held at Tobacco Road featuring Driven Mad, Embrace Agony, Krystaleen, Surgical Strike and Valence. Night two was Gotham Rocks Presents held at The Gramercy Theatre featuring Bound By Substance, Mother, Srotakin IV and Super Gravity. Night three was Gotham Rocks unplugged held at Connelly’s Klub 45 and featured The Blackfires, January Jane, Electric Black Horse, Brand of Julez and Jackson James. JeffcrespiRocks was able to be at the Gotham Rocks Presents show which featured some cool bands, two of which I got to see perform for the first time, Bound By Substance and Super Gravity. Everytime I cover a Gotham Rocks show its a great time. They believe in making their shows fun and entertaining from the time doors open till the time we get kicked out. 

   The night started with everyone hanging in the downstairs lounge just relaxing and saying hi to eachother. Super Gravity opened up the show and did a kick ass set, they were definitely a band I will listen to after seeing them live. Srotakin IV I caught at the last Gotham Rocks show I covered and was impressed even more then the first time I saw them, thanks for the cd guys. They were followed up by Mother, another powerhouse band that I have had the pleasure of seeing before. To close out the night Bound By Substance took the stage suits and all. They put on an amazing show both musically and stage performance. Very cool sounding band with a nice visual will always leave me wanting more. 

   Gotham Rocks started about three years ago as a promotion company that saw the need to help nurture up and coming talent in the NY scene. Some of the cool things that Gotham Rocks brings to the table are :

* Over 60 New York City Gotham Rocks shows and showcases in 2010 with approximately 150 bands booked and over 8,000 fans in long-lasting, immersive concert experiences. 
* Regional showcases in Long Island, NJ, MA, PA, RI including all-ages shows at Six Flags, Great Adventure in NJ engaging thousands of rock music fans and making real-world impressions on tens of thousands of people. 
* Terrestrial and internet radio features, plugs, interviews and commercials. 
* Websites and web content— social networking, podcasts, videos, blogs and ads. 
* Free, promotional Compilation CDs -Street Teaming– distributing CDs, flyers and posters. 
* Television ads and shows. 
* Word of mouth promotion from participating Gotham Rocks Showcase bands, music industry and hardcore fans.

   My only wish is that I lived in New York City so I can be a bigger part of the growing scene, but for know all I can do is hope that they branch out to New Jersey.

All my pictures from the show as well as all my other shows can be seen here :



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