Cherie Currie at The Brighton Bar

  ImageImageImageImage Cherie Currie made a stop on her current tour at The Brighton Bar in Longbranch, NJ. Cherie Currie Cherie was the lead vocalist for the band The Runaways back in the mid to late 70’s ( ). One thing I have to say which I was extremely impressed by was how she was all about her fans. Her setlist was compiled by the fans request on her social media sites and she only cared about living the dream and sending out a positive message. Cherie also stayed around for hours after the show to sign anything and everything that her fans brought. Her setlist was Queens of Noise, California Paradise, Rock and Roll, You Wreck Me, Roxy Roller, Is It Day or Night, Heart Beat, Mr X, Draggin The Line, Come On, Rock N Roll Oblivion, American Nights, Cherry Bomb, Rebel Rebel (David Bowie). The crowd was a mixed bag of young and old who were there to support a not just a great artist but a great person. I also thought it was pretty cool that Cherie’s son was the drummer which means they still have a great relationship going. You can check out all the great pictures of the show right here :

   Cherie had some great local support with Jaded Past ( ) and

The Glycerine Queens ( )


One thought on “Cherie Currie at The Brighton Bar”

  1. Cherie currie is a libertarian/constitutionalist, I wish she would use her star power, to speak out against liberals, and their policies, she’s one sharp cookie when it comes to politics.

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