Rebel Night NYC at Otto’s Shrunken Head

   It was a nice evening in NYC as I walked fro the port authority all the way down to 14th and 1st ave. I was headed down to Otto’s Shrunken Head a tiki dive bar for Rebel Night NYC’s Wild Dance Party. I had provided photo coverage for them the month before back at a different club called the Back Room. Rebel Night NYC is run by some cool ass dj’s and one cool ass lady named Katie. The dj’s are dj Sei, dj Jun, dj Hiromu and on this special night an appearance by dj Mike Lewi. The theme is jive, rockabilly style music and dance. The dj’s spin live 45 vinyl all night long switching off with each other as they take partner by partner onto the dance floor for a wild and fun evening. 

   As I walked up to the club I was greeted by an older gentlemen with a long scruffy beard sitting on the outside ledge checking id’s. He seemed nice but tough as nails and seemed to be a fixture of the club. When you first enter Otto’s its nothing more then a typical bar on one side with some tables on the other. As you walk through the bar towards the back it opens up to a room where they have live acts throughout the week. I noticed a working pinball machine and a cool photo booth both of which were being used all night long. 

   I always enjoy watching people setup the area for an event it gives me a sense of whats involved with making the event happen. There was a band that had just finished playing so it was get them off the stage and out quickly to setup for the dance party. It was a set routine as this dance party has been going on for years, it started out in Brooklyn 2005 and then moved to NYC and has been successful for the last eight years.

   The dancing is like no other just non stop fun energetic anything goes. I love the outfits and styles of dress. Some people come to impress and some just come. You can always tell who the regulars are and who comes just because they are curious to see what goes on. Its mostly pin up style clothes and makeup which makes for great pictures. If you like to dance or just like to meet new and interesting people come on down. You can check out all the dates on the Rebel Night NYC facebook page

You can check out all my pictures from the event here


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