All Night Jivers at The Back Room

ImageImageImageImageImageImageAll I could say is wow ! I had the pleasure of being asked to provide photo coverage for the All Night Jivers rockabilly dance party organized by Rebel Night NYC. The party is held the first Sunday of every month at The Back Room located in the lower east side of Manhattan at 102 Norfolk Street. When I first arrived I was shocked to see an address but no matching place. I was a little nervous at first but saw a young couple all dressed up open a gate and proceed to walk into a dark alley way and not return. I decided to follow and went about half way before returning to the street hoping for another sign as to where The Back Room actually was. As I returned to the street I saw a clean cut well dressed person holding a small record case. I asked if he was here for the dance party and he responded with, are you Jeff the photographer, Katie said you were coming down. I was like yes where the hell is this place, he responded this way, so through the gate and down the narrow dark alley way we went. About fifty feet or so and a few steps led us to a dark unmarked door. When my new pal opened the door I said wow this is so cool. It was like a whole different world was behind that door. From the high ceilings to the giant naked pictures on the wall I was like this is so cool. When you enter the lower level is a wide open bar with some couches against the far corners with a staircase leading up to the lounge area with more couches, chairs and barstools. The All Night Jivers party was hosted by a few cool ass DJ’s. DJ Sei, Jun and Hiromu who spun original 45 vinyl records all night long. They switched off spinning tunes as each of them wowed us with their incredible dance moves changing partners with the change of each record. There was a very mixed crowd which I love to see. Mixed ages, mixed dressed and mixed reasons for being there. Some people just walked in off the street for a drink, some came to meet friends and just chill and some came for the dance party to let loose. As a photographer I love to see the cool outfits and styles that each person sports on a night out like this. As the night went on more and more people came and everyone regardless of why they came seemed to interact and have fun with eachother. Some of them attend this event every month and some had never seen anything like it and joined in. Everyone I spoke to was so nice and cool which makes me always feel at ease at social gatherings where I did not know one person before entering the door. I was having such a great time watching the dancing and the crowd party that I didn’t want the night to end. If you are ever in the area stop in to The Back Room and enjoy yourselves. Go check out Rebel Night NYC for upcoming events and parties you won’t be disappointed, I can’t wait for the next one. You can see some of the pictures from the event right here

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