The Effects of Music in my Life

Over the years especially since social media has taken over just about everything in life, I have come to realize that there are so many people out there wasting their lives away. Of course this is only my opinion and perception based on who I see, where I go and what I do. To set the record straight I have been clean and sober for almost 24 years. That’s right I haven’t drank or had any mind or mood altering substances in 24 years. I did spend most of my later teen years and into my mid twenties searching for an identity that seemed to never come. I grew up being an exceptional athlete and artist but for some reason always felt the need to prove something to everyone else except myself. Everything I did was with the hope of just fitting in. On the outside I always seemed happy and was a very social person because of my athletic ability and art but inside I was a lost soul trying to find my way. Alcohol and drugs initially gave me the false sense of happiness but ultimately took everything away. Let me also say that I do not regret anything in my past nor do I blame anyone for my past but the facts are that certain people in my life back then allowed me to make decisions and put me in situations that hurt me more then helped me. As an adult it was my responsibility to do what I needed to do to make my life whatever I wanted it to be. Searching for happiness in anyone or anything other then ourselves usually doesn’t work out in the long run. Unfortunately there are so many people that never have the opportunity to find that inner peace so I have tried to be as positive and supportive as I can when I can. I was always a music lover but back in the day I was never a fan of live shows or arena concerts, but music always made me feel good. One of my all time favorite movies is Valley Girl with a young Nicholas Cage. One scene specifically where he is driving with is valley girl down the highway in his neck of the woods, music blasting and everyone waving to him as he drove by. The smile on his face meant that if your truly happy on the inside everything seems better. The moral of that story is finding out what makes you happy and incorporating good things into your life will leave you with a feeling that no drug can replace. As a husband, parent, friend, employee I have a responsibility to be a productive member of society and a role model. I never tell anyone how to live there life because if I have the right to choose how to live mine so does everyone else but rather share my experiences with the hope that someone will decide to better theirs. As you all know my life changed again about nine years ago when I went to my first live show with my son who at the time was nine years old. For some strange reason this live show seemed very different then the few I attended when I was younger. I believe it was because back then I was searching and today I try to enjoy every moment no matter where I am or who I’m with. The more shows we went to the more I saw an opportunity to be in a position to be a positive role model for a lot of people. I realized that music and getting fucked up went hand in hand and it bothered me that so many people were never getting to actually enjoy themselves. I am not against nor do I try to stop anyone from having a good time, this is not about people who like to just chill and get their groove on. I’m talking about the people that feel the need to get so messed up that they can’t stand up straight or carry on a normal conversation and act out like assholes. I have since been to over 760 shows from local vfw shows to mainstream arena shows and everything in between. We have seen every style and genre of music and although my son is older now and has his choice of music to listen to and shows to go to we still try to share new bands we get exposed to with eachother. My website was originally designed to be able to help a lot of the younger newer bands out there busting their asses to play shows. I was watching how so many people were involved with setting up a show from the person booking the place to the event flyer to the band selection and all for each band to play a 20 to 30 minute set. Hours of work to make it happen and most of these kids were going to school and working local jobs. Photography happens to be just another passion of mine and when combined with my love for music it seemed like a win win situation. At first I was unsure about mixing the two but as you can see it has worked out. I could assure you that what I do is not with the intention to rule the world but to help myself and others understand that life is about pursuing your passions and dreams. I believe that if more people worked on their own happiness instead of telling other people how to achieve theirs this world would be a much better place.


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