Kaleido plays Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival 2013

   ImageImageImageImageOne day last week I was at a show in Asbury Park, New Jersey at a venue called The Saint. It’s one of my favorite small old school venues around, I noticed an event flyer saying that Kaleido was playing there the next night but unfortunately I was already committed to covering the All Stars Tour in NYC that day. I contacted the band to let them know how upset I was for missing their show and was informed that they were playing the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival at PNC Bank Arts Center that weekend. I had no idea since they weren’t listed on the lineup page when I looked up set times for the festival. Kaleido was opening up the festival at 2:10 in the afternoon to kickstart the festival. Anyone who knows me knows that I support every style and genre of music and treat all bands with the same respect whether they are young, old, just starting out or a signed mainstream act. 

   I enetered the festival just as Kaleido started to play, I had not seen them since I met them at last years Warped Tour and fell in love with their music. At that time they didn’t even have a cd available. It was so cool to see them a year later, a year sharper, a year of being more mature and having more touring experience. Kaleido is a Rock/Pop female fronted band that bursts of energy on stage. The self titled cd has seven tracks on it : Open Your Eyes/See Through/Chasing Stars/Goodbye(One Lat Time)/Love Design/Forever Together/Jane.

   The band consists of Christina Chriss – vocals/Joey Fava – drums/Cody Morales – bass/Ronnie Rosolino – guitar and Jamie Allen Burnham – guitar. Together they bring their fans such an animated live show that leaves you no doubt that they will be around for years to come. 

   This time around I had a chance to chill with the band after their set and it was so refreshing to just hang and chat like real people. We talked about some crazy stuff that happened during their New York stay and how they are just out there trying to put what they believe in on the table. I definitely got the sense that they were a very fun down to earth group that likes to sit around and laugh their asses off when they are not performing. I hope I have a chance to see them again but for now I will keep listening to my Kaleido cd.

   Please go check them out at : 







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