Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why “It’s Only Change”

ImageQuincy Mumford and the Reason Why dropped a new album titled “It’s Only Change”on July 30th. Quincy is taking the Reason Why and hitting the road for a nice tour up and down the east coast through the month of August. When listening to the album it was so obvious to me how passionate Quincy and his band is about the music they play. Quincy’s voice is incredibly soulful and hypnotizing, it makes you want to close your eyes and zone out into dreamland. Music is about feeling it and “It’s Only Change” gives you that and more. Being a fan of numerous genres and styles of music I look for certain aspects in each. Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why create music that allows you to get your groove on. Each song on the album has a soothing sound and beat to go along with it. The album has 10 tracks : 

Track 1: Change

Track 2: For You

Track 3: Under The Covers

Track 4: When You Get Back

Track 5: A Hard Place

Track 6: Time Won’t Wait

Track 7: Eventually

Track 8: Madeline

Track 9: No Love

Track 10: Baby Don’t Go

you can see all of the bands upcoming tour dates as well as purchase the new album at http://www.quincymumford.com/



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