“Fight or Flight” headlines The Gramercy Theatre

   ImageDan Donegan from Disturbed was sitting at home bored from not being on the road after a few months and decided that he needed to be doing what he loves to do, playing music and touring. He reached out to Dan Chandler the frontman from Evans Blue who he had met online as a fan. Since Disturbed was on a hiatus Donegan felt the need to move forward with an idea he had for a new project. This was all done without the record label or management company knowing that Donegan was writing songs and had this idea. There was no set plan but both Dan’s began sending stuff back and forth to eachother via email and would get together any chance they could when in the Chicago area. After having some solid material Donegan decided to reach out to his Disturbed brother of over twenty years Mike Wengren into the mix. They wanted this project to be about the music and nothing else. Once they had the recording process done they went to the record label and management company. This is when they realized they had something very creative and reached out to “Ra’s” Sean Corcoran and Jeremy Jayson. The first single “First of the Last” was meant to be cranked up as loud as can be, it’s one of the more driving tracks on the record according to Donegan.  There is a heartfelt acoustic ballad called “Leaving” that builds from faint strumming into a powerful chorus paying tribute to troops coming home.  The album title “Is Life By Design” was taken from the first line of the track “A Void”. The band likes to discuss conspiracy theories so the lyrics arrive from those discussions about whether our lives are designed by other groups out there or by us ourselves that is the question they often ask themselves. The band name “Fight or Flight” was mentioned by Dan’s wife during a discussion about having the ability to make certain choices in our lives regardless of who’s pulling the strings. It’s about having your back against the wall and fighting for what you believe in and have a passion for. Dan’s says you can’t please everyone you just have to come up with something your passionate about. They also mention that this is not a one time thing, it is a project they want to keep on bringing to their fans.

   Before knowing about “Fight or Flight” I so this show with bands like “Anaka”, “Mindset Evolution” and “A Lesson In Violence” which are all bands I have seen and photographed before. When I learned that “Fight or Flight” was who they were I was that much more excited to be at this show at the Gramercy Theater in NYC. From the very beginning of the night you could see the energy in all the bands faces. Everyone including the fans who arrived early were so excited and pumped for this show. Every band gave it their all on stage and left the crowd screaming for more. All the bands were so cool and down to earth hanging out with the fans before and after the show signing autographs, telling stories and taking pictures. I always love seeing the interaction between the bands and the fans, it really tells me a lot about them. I hope “Fight or Flight” stays around for a long time I have definitely become a huge fan. 




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