Courtney Love at The Stone Pony

Courtney Love played The Stone Pony Friday night 6/28/13, originally slated for the summer stage the show was moved inside due to pending weather conditions. I have always loved Courtney’s music because of the passion she shows everytime she takes the stage. Last night was no exception, the crowd was so into her with so many young and old fans dressing the part. The moment came when Courtney and her band entered the pony only to see Courtney kneeling down surrounded by her band mates. My first notion was oh shit she’s messed up and this show is going to be a disaster. All of a sudden she bolted out the door but all because she was not feeling that great and had to yak outside before taking the stage. She looked out of it but to my surprise she was incredible on stage. Courtney is one of the most entertaining musicians I have ever seen. She interacted with the crowd on all levels while she sipped her ginger ale and smoked her cigs. Her voice was on the money and played the guitar like it never left her hands. I for one was glad the show was moved inside allowing her to make the show that much more intimate. She played a complete set with some acoustic songs as the encore leaving everyone wanting more. Thank you Courtney for a great performance, hope you come back to the Jersey Shore real soon.



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