Tauk ” Homunculus “

The band Tauk has a new album out called Homunculus, its an awesome array of tunes that will excite you in many ways. Tauk’s music combines the likes of funk, jazz, pop and rock in a way that makes you want to close your eyes and disappear into dreamland. The band is made up of Matt Jalbert, Charlie Dolan, Alric Carter and Isaak Teel, together that make great music. They are based in NYC and have already opened up for some cool acts that include O.A.R., MOE, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, 311, A set at Gathering of the Vibes and a feature on Fuse TV.

While most high-school bands break up when they head off to college, Tauk’s musical bond survived over long distances. The three members majored in music in college, and Tauk regularly performed over school breaks. After graduating, they hit the road in the fall/winter of 2010 to play nearly 40 shows in a national tour playing in almost all of the major and small markets across the country.

Tauk has an upcoming show June 8th in Asbury Park N.J. at the Berkeley Hotel, for all of Tauk’s tour dates check out this link :








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