Gotham Rocks 5 Year Anniversary Show at Irving Plaza

   On Saturday Gotham Rocks will be celebrating 5 years with a premier show at Irving Plaza. I am fortunate enough that Gotham Rocks/Tech 9 Music reached out to me and asked if I would like to provide photo coverage of a show that will include Charetta, Woods Of Arden, The Amatory Murder, Machine Elves and ISPACEWALKSOMETIMES. (


   Four years ago, Cary Tamura and Mike Sankari, addressed the growing need for a new vision promoter in the NY scene, who would take the initiative to create an environment solely based on the agenda of nurturing rising talent. With little more than sweat, energy, and a belief that a frayed scene could be re-energized, the duo set out to forge a stage for bigger and better shows for deserving, hardworking and talented bands in and around New York. The initial vision to create a showcase environment exposing bands to music industry, media, new fans and other great acts in the region has delivered a new scene for New York City. A community counting tens of thousands has emerged, and with each passing month, continues to grow.

Tech-9 Music (Gotham Rocks / No Mercy Metal) has become a rock and metal powerhouse, wherein they stage over 60 shows a year. Prestigious venues including the Gramercy Theater, Highline Ballroom, Irving Plaza, Crash Mansion, Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ) and many others are all housing branded productions. The company continues to explore viable avenues to create opportunities for talent outside of the five boroughs, with footholds in Long Island, New Jersey via their alliance with Great Adventure, and other regions currently being explored. Outside of talent based in the New York area, bands from California, Kentucky, Florida, Japan and others are amongst the hundreds who have enjoyed the benefits of the concert series.

Charetta (

Woods Of Arden (

The Amatory Murder (

Machine Elves (


Gotham Rocks (




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