Project Sloopy at Roxy n Dukes

Project Sloopy (7)_vThis past Sunday 5/5/13 I was asked to provide photo coverage of the Project Sloopy benefit show at Roxy n Dukes. The Mission of Project Sloopy is to reduce the amount of medical waste domestically and precipitate growth by salvaging excess and unused medical supplies from families of special needs children and hospice patients by redistributing them to families in need both domestically and worldwide. When Tom and Kate Mallory had their first child they had no idea anything was wrong. Little Ana Cru was not breathing at birth and was immediately rushed to the NICU. Ana spent three months there and was never diagnosed. Her condition so frail her family was given very little hope and brought their angel home on hospice. In the first six months she was in 3 hospitals 6 separate wings and even a helicopter to bring her to the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia where her family selflessly moved so that she can get the worlds best care. Ana passed away in February but her spirit lives on. Her parents started the charity Project Sloopy in her honor. This charity gathers supplies and equipment from from various donations (mostly from hospitals, hospices, medical supply companies and patients homes). They get redistributed to families in need that can’t afford them. They are also working with a few angencies to help distribute  supplies overseas as well. Melissa Franco one of the promotors from Roxy n Dukes arranged this benefit show by reaching out to numerous bands to perform out of the goodness of their hearts to help raise money for Project Sloopy. The bands that performed were Gnar Life, Gabe Zander, Decrepit Youth, The Undead, The Accelerators, The Antics, Devilhaus and Vengents. I was proud and excited to be part of something special and used my photography skills to help perserve all the memories from this day. If you would like to find out more information about this great charity go to or contact Kate Koehn at, Tom Mallery at .


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