Bow Wow Wow at The Brighton Bar

Bow Wow Wow (I Want Candy) were at The Brighton Bar on 3/2/13. Everyone I spoke to prior to the show was looking forward to seeing what the singer looked like and sounded like after all these years. Turns out it was a new singer along with Leigh Gorman, Matt Fuller and Lyle Riddle. Still a fun and entertaining show. They were all nice guys who hungout and watched all the opening acts. They even hung around after the show to take pictures with whoever wanted to. Bow Wow Wow is a Post Punk, New Wave, Tribal, Pop band from London. I always arrive at a show early to check out everything and get a good feel for whats to come. I love seeing all the bands perform, you never know who you might hear or see perform on any given night. This night was no exception from The Battery Electric (, Strange Things Done In The Midnight Sun (, Dentist (, The Glycerine Queens ( to The Antics ( I was excited to see The Antics, I had seen them months ago right after Hurricane Sandy by chance and really enjoyed their unique sound. They consider themselves a garage rock/basement jams/attic grooves type of band.  They consist of Luke Meisenbacher- Vox/Guitar, Derek Rosengarth- Guitar, Kyle Hammerschmidt- Bass and Josh Reitan- Drums. They reside in Skillman, NJ and bring with them a sound that resembles the likes of Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths, Television and The Doors ( Another cool band was Dentist a very sweet sounding band fronted by Emily Whitt and backed by Justin Bornemann, Bob Robert and Andy Bova. Dentist (that’s the band name), is soon to inspire many reviews that compare their music to a trip to the dentist. The band is influenced by 90’s Indie Rock and Surf Rock. The Glycerine Queens are a Hard Rock/Glam Rock all girl band from the Jersey Shore. They consist of Cynthia Rittenbach, Kayla Smith, Kayla Cervone and Jen Amoscato ( The Battery Electric is a rock and roll band out of Asbury Park N.J. They sing about women, whiskey and fighting for freedom. They are currently recording with Pete Steinkopf of the bouncing souls and will be putting out vinyl and digital releases ( Strange Things Done In The Midnight Sun was to say the least strange. Strange Things Done In The Midnight Sun is an unsigned, central-New Jersey based 4 piece who have as many musical influences as there are syllables in their name ranging from Joy Division to The Cramps to Klaus Nomi. Comprised of members of OS101, Don Juan Destroyer, and Casino Evil, they’ve been causing a ruckus within the New York City, NJ circuit for 6 plus years. But similar to the dilemma of Sysiphus, every time they’re just about to reach the the peak, the weight of their own design causes them to topple back down to square one. A mini-LP entitled ‘Done Waiting For The Day’ was self-released in the summer of 2007 of which a few tracks to this day receive modest airplay on local college stations, most notably “Petrol”, “Carousel” and “Dear Ol’ Dad”.

This past spring saw the release of ‘The Killing Wall’, a darker and more aggressive effort than the preceding mini-lp but despite the slight change in aural direction their goal still remains the same….only tenfold! That being more musical and sexual ambiguity, more audience-wide confusion, more faux-opera and, of course, more piñatas! Image


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