Brand Of Julez Headlining Show at Webster Studio

Brand Of Julez 17_v

On Saturday Feb. 16th 2013 I had the pleasure of being at the Brand Of Julez headlining show at Webster Hall in NYC. I have been hearing about them for a while now but I haven’t had a chance to see them perform live. The show was hosted by the character himself Jonnie Rockit from Panzie and loaded with some cool openers : A Vegas Marriage, Fear Report, Dirty Black 7 and Xero Gravity. A Vegas Marriage started off the show, I had seen them perform live a few weeks ago at the Brighton Bar in Longbranch, NJ opening up for Joy Ride and was immediately impressed with Matthew’s unique voice and Justin’s stage presence. A Vegas Marriage is a three piece hard rock band out of Staten Island, NY ( ) . Xero Gravity came on next, they are a great band that I have seen many times and think they are one of the best young hard rock/metal bands on the scene.  Xero Gravity met while all performing in a program called Rockit. In the Rockit Program, kids ages 8-16, who pass auditions, participate in a seven-week group program where they learn a specific repertoire of songs, supplemented with individual instruction. Around forty-five young musicians divvy up to form separate groups who together, at the program’s end, perform in concert replete with high-production gear and lighting at the legendary Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ. That’s where it all began. Members are :  Alex Peragine-Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Steven Rago-Drums/Percussion and  Jack Rose-Vocals/ 4/8 String Basses. ( ). Dirty Black 7 was next, another cool sounded hard rock band out of NYC.  DIRTY BLACK 7, NYC’S most original hard rock band. Verteran musicians , Ron Forte, Mike Butchar, Vin De Paola & Frank Puzzillo have teamed up to create a monster. AND this monster is looking to rock your area and give you what you want. Real Music performed by a real band. DIRTY BLACK 7 will grab you by the throat and leave you feeling better about the NYC area music scene. You will not be disapointed. ( ). Fear Report took the stage next, there unique sound is due to there diverse influences. They all love rock on the heavier side, but it’s each member’s personal influences that define the sound. From Dan’s love of post-hardcore, to Anthony’s metal edge… Sasha’s metal and grunge, Brendan’s grunge, indie, and alternative, to Rob’s classic rock and 80s metal. This is what defines them. They are just a rock band, but they all bring something different to the table when they write songs. And one song may sound a little different from the other, but to them that’s just Fear Report, because it represents them to the core. ( ). Well it was now time for Brand Of Julez, they are a hard rock band out of the Bronx, NY. They are made up of Julian Zamora – Vocals/Guitars, Brandon Zamora – Bass/Backing Vocals and Marshall Castaneda – Drums/Percussion. There sound was awesome, there stage presence was awesome and their look was awesome. They had everything you wanted to hear, see and feel at a rock show. The Brand Of Julez setlist was : Lights Go Out, Never Look Back, Power Within, My Life To Live, Read My Face, Breakthrough, Moving On, Powerless, A Better Day and Who Am I. 



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