NYC’s Panzie takes over The Saint in Asbury Park

Panzie (17)_v

Panzie, Lower The Veil, Audio Machine and Black Ocean were on the bill for what was anticipated as one of the best shows of the year happening at The Saint on 2/9/13. I was so looking forward to this show not just because of an amazing lineup but also because of the awesome crowd of fans I knew this show was bringing. It had everything and everyone a show could ask for Tom and Mayhem from Scarlet Carson, Oldbridge MetalMilitia, Arrius Studios, Don Jamieson and so many more. Tim Louie who writes for the Aquarian Weekly plays bass for Black Ocean who opened up the night. They are a Rock/Metal/Groove band from New Jersey and boy did they rock. (! ,!/pages/BlackOcean/154890224550593?fref=ts)

Next up was Audio Machine,

An eruption of pure ecstasy explodes in the form of hard hitting rock and roll and raw rage wrapped in a band called Audio Machine. This collection of clutch players formed in March of 2012 after some lineup changes and the addition of a new singer. Hackensack, NJ based, this band shows no signs of loss of  momentum proving themselves a force and a fierce self-containing machine.  As experienced m…usicians and professionals, this collaboration exudes complimentary musicality and harmonious chemistry. These dirty jersey boys bring a unique style of rock to the table (
Next was Lower The Veil another tight sounding rock band out of New Jersey. LOWER THE VEIL; formerly known as “Friends of Bill Wilson,” is a Progressive Rock band hailing from the Jersey Shore. Frontman Damien’s dream was to one day front his own band that would perform the songs he wrote.  He played in local bands as a teen that helped him to a…cquire a stage persona and sharpen his skills.  At the age of 19, he was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident when he was struck by a drunk driver.  After his recovery, Baldwin decided to join the United States Military.  During his service, he married his high school sweetheart and decided to pursue his music career after his discharge. ( ,!/lowertheveil?fref=ts)
Headlining the show was Panzie,

At first when you see them or hear the name Panzie, you’re not quite sure what to expect … but expect the unexpected.This band’s got it. They understand what it takes to put out badass rock ‘n roll. The beauty is that it comes naturally to them. They were born to do this. Front man Johnny Hawaiian is the last real American rock star and Panzie brings something back to hard rock that has been missing. Their songs are raw, energetic and aggressive, yet there’s something fine and sophisticated about their delivery.They have the “it” factor. They are everything you want in a rock ‘n roll band.  Panzie is the whole package. They have well-written songs that you can listen to over and over again. You just don’t get tired of listening. They look good, they sound good and they deliver a live show to match. Their full-length album, entitled ‘Love & Blood,’ is destined to become a classic. This album rocks from beginning to end. Every track is memorable and stands on its own; it’s a hard rock album that takes you on a musical journey. Some of there musical influenses are Coal Chamber, Danzig and Type o Negative. They brought the house down last night to a steller crowd. Panzie left the Saint with alot of new fans who have never seen or heard of them before. ( ,!/pages/Panzie/232669300430?fref=ts)

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