First To Friday

Reality Check at Six Flags (1)

First To Friday formaly Reality Check is taking the Central New Jersey area by storm. They just realeased their first single called Now Its Gone ( ) I gave it a listen and love it, front woman Dana has the voice of an angel backed up by some pretty awesome musicians.

The electrifying shows and dynamic song writing is proof that the band First To Friday is an astonishing compilation of artists. This group of five teens brings a combination of originals and covers to its steady following, and always leaves the crowd exhilarated and wanting  more. Reality Check is a rock band from various towns across NJ. Their music covers everything from classic rock to pop. First To Friday’s music and songwriting is influenced by icons such as Pink Floyd, Gun N’ Roses, Muse, Green Day, and Adele.

First To Friday has made appearances at major venues across New Jersey such as the world famous Count Basie Theater, The Stone Pony, and The Bamboozle Music Festival in Asbury Park.  In addition to energizing the crowd, Reality Check has great compassion for non-profits such as Make A Wish, Foodstock, and Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. These performances has kept the band grounded and connected to the community, and will never pass up an opportunity to give back to those less fortunate.

First To Friday has evolved into one of the staple bands in the legendary Asbury NJ music scene with their distinctive sound and style. Whether you enjoy the slash-like guitar solos, sweet & powerful vocals, or overall musicianship, this is a band that does not disappoint!


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