Scarlet Carson Headlines The Stone Pony

Scarlet Carson (9)_v

On Jan. 4th at the legendary Stone Pony Scarlet Carson headlined a show with some awesome supporting acts. A few days after the show frontman Santino Noir announced that he will no longer be part of the band that according to his blog created and worked his ass off to get where they were. He envisioned the band taking the show on the road and touring but the other band mates had jobs and circumstances that didn’t allow that to happen. Santino has pursued a solo career musicaly very different from Scarlet Carson but has been successful in doing so. I fell in lovewith Scarlet Carson a few years back when I saw them for the first time at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville N.J. I enjoyed the energy they brought to the table as that dirty jersey Rock n Roll band. I have had the pleasure of getting to know each one of them over the years as being a huge supporter of their music. Each one of them had a cool quality that seemed to work well together on stage. Unfortunately things aren’t always what they seem behind the scenes as was the case here. If you are a Scarlet Carson fan like me lets remember them as the band we always went to see and enjoy. I wish each and everyone one of them the best of luck in whatever project they pursue going forward. I’m sure we will hear soon what direction the band will be going in when they are ready. The supporting acts were a combination of established bands and some great young up and coming bands. Cashmier led by frontman Vince showed off that old school Rock n Roll sound with hits like Crazy Bitch. You can check out Cashmier at!/CashmierNY?fref=ts .A Criminal Risk another one of my favorites brings a high energy punk rock style. I saw A Criminal Risk for the first time at a local VFW show and was very impressed with their sound. They made a few lineup changes along the way but never lost sight of what frontman Tom Kunzman wanted to bring to the table. Their album The Art Of Dropping Names is a staple in my collection. You can check out A Criminal Risk at!/pages/A-Criminal-Risk/183899938707?fref=ts .I was most impressed with a young up and coming band called Anomaly. Fronted by Amanda Lewis this band rocked the house. Amanda’s vocals sent chills down my spine. They are an alternative rock band out of Hamilton, N.J. You can check them out at!/anomalytheband . Another cool band I saw for the first time was Dead End, they are a hard rock band from Howell, N.J. led by Don Tracy and Aaron Martin. After a very short time they performed their first gig and won a battle of the bands. They have since played First Engergy Park in Lakewood, Rootfest in Jackson and the Bamboozle Festival at the Meadowlands in 2011. You can check them out at!/deadendnj/info . Last but definitely not least was Uncharted Waters a Post-Hardcore/Melodic Hardcore band out of Cranbourne. You can check them out at!/UnchartedWatersMelb?fref=ts .


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